What is Loss?

Loss is a universal experience.  It can be one of the reasons underpinning much of therapy.  Loss does not necessarily mean death, it can relate to many other changes that have occurred in your life.  Changes which you may not have been in control of.  The loss you are experiencing may result in you feeling out of control of your situation.  This can lead onto or create feelings of anger, despair, disbelief.  These feelings can have a huge impact on your thoughts, your behaviours and on your relationships.  It can affect how you see others, how you see yourself and leave you questioning who you are.   There may be difficulties in your day to day life that you begin to become aware of due to a recent loss and these could impact and create unhealthy ways of coping.

Some symptoms linked to loss

If you have recently experienced a loss you may note a change in your anxiety levels.  You may feel stressed.  Your sleeping, eating and drinking habits many change as you try to navigate your way through coping with this loss.  You may even feel as if your life is beginning to spiral out of control.   Accessing support for a loss that you have experienced can be a useful way of trying to support yourself though this. Support can come in different ways – reaching out to friends and family, taking the time to think through what this loss means for you and the change that it has bought about. Practising mindfulness or visualisation exercises can help to ground you if you feel your anxiety or stress levels are becoming unmanageable.

How can counselling help?

Accessing Therapy can help you to understand your loss and to process what has happened. You can explore how it has left you feeling and the circumstances around the loss itself. Therapy is a space to create strategies to cope with the impact of the loss. Above all, it can provide that space each week to allow you to process and reflect on what has happened, something that we may not have in the busy world in which we live.

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