What are Phobias?

A Phobia can be described as an extreme fear to a situation or an object. For many of us, we can be fearful of certain situations or objects. This ‘fear’ becomes a phobia when it begins to impact your day to day life, it is not relative to the actual danger that is presented by the situation or object and it has been ongoing.

Phobias are a type of anxiety and there may be at time when you need to seek help for these phobias.

Some symptoms of Phobias

These symptoms if experienced over a long period of time can lead to feelings such as anxiety, depression or stress. The natural instinct for many in this situation would be to try and actively avoid a trigger for their phobia. This can have longer term consequences and lead to further mental health concerns if done for long periods of time.

How can counselling help?

Therapy can be helpful for exploring your phobias and what triggers them. Having the space to discuss where the phobia has come from and the impact it is having on your day to day life can help to hand some of the control back to you. Useful strategies for dealing with your symptoms when faced with your phobia can be explored in a safe environment.

It may also be useful to seek out support groups be it, in person or online for others who have a similar phobia. Even reaching out and talking to a loved one may help to give you some support if you are finding your day to day life is being impacted by living with your phobias. Being kind to yourself whilst you are working to move on from your phobia is key to keeping stress levels to a minimum.

Further guidance or support

Triumph Over Phobia (TOP UK)
Provides self-help therapy groups and support for those with OCD, phobias and related anxiety disorders
Anxiety UK
03444 775 774 (helpline)
07537 416 905 (text)
Advice and support for people living with anxiety
No Panic
0300 7729844
Provides a helpline, step-by-step programmes, and support for people with anxiety disorders
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