Common types of stress can be placed into four categories:

Some symptoms of Stress

All of these different types of stresses can create long term issues if they are ignored. These issues are not only restricted to mental health but also to your physical health and wellbeing. It is important to be able to identify your stress levels, recognise what is usual for you and what happens in your body and to your thoughts when you find yourself in times of stress. By recognising these triggers, it can help you to identify when it is time to step back, engage in some self care activities and if necessary seek out support for working through the triggers for your stress.

How can counselling help?

Depending on the type of stress that you are experiencing there are many ways that it can be worked with.  Taking the time to partake in activities that you enjoy or enjoyed when you were younger can be helpful to re connect with yourself.  

Meeting with friends or family and talking through with them how you are feeling.  Walking and exercise are also great stress relievers.  Having a list of priorities when it comes to external stress factors such as work may help you feel as if you are taking some control back of the situation in which you find yourself.  The practice of Mindfulness can be beneficial in learning to focus on the present and ground yourself. 

Therapy is also a useful way of working through your stress.  In instances where the stress is linked to a traumatic event, long term therapy may be useful or short term therapy dealing with what is happening in the here and now may also provide a useful intervention.

Further guidance or support

Anxiety UK
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Advice and support for people living with anxiety.
116 123 (freephone)

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