What is Abuse?

Abuse can take many different forms. Abuse can be described as a set of actions, that intentionally cause you harm or distress. They can cause both physical and mental distress and often involves somebody wanting to have power or control over you and your choices. Abuse itself can be “coercive” leading to feelings of confusion and questions as to whether the abuse is happening. The term abuse can also be used in regard to the improper use of substances such as alcohol and drugs.
The term abuse can be further broken down into some of the following categories:

Each of these can cover a broad range of experiences within them and this list is not exhaustive.

Abuse can lead to feelings of fear, depression, anxiety, stress, loss of relationships, self esteem issues, feelings of isolation and hopelessness as well as many other mental health concerns.

How can counselling help?

Support can be accessed in many different ways. There are many telephone or online helplines dedicated to specific types of abuse. These are often 24 hour services available for any time that you may feel in need of support. There may be local support groups within your area that provide a safe and non judgemental space. Reaching out to trusted family, friends, peers or colleagues can help to feel as if you are not alone in the experience.

Therapy can be helpful. Therapy can give a safe space, where you are able to come and talk openly about what is happening. Your counsellor should provide you the space to talk freely whilst they listen to your experiences. Therapy is not there to push you or force you into stopping what is happening, it is to support you on your journey through this in a safe way. To offer acceptance, that once achieved, can then be worked on to look at healthier choices and helping to move away from the cycle you may be in.

Further guidance or support

116 123 (freephone)


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Victim Support
0808 168 9111
Provides emotional and practical support for people affected by crime and traumatic events.
0800 1111

Support for children and young people in the UK, including a free helpline and 1-2-1 online chats with counsellors.
The Dash Charity
0175 354 9865
Information, a helpline, advocacy services and legal support for adults who have experienced domestic abuse. Also runs refuge accommodation in Berkshire for women and children.
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