Identity Issues

Identity is a broad term and can be used to cover a variety of concerns. They can be broken down into some of the following areas:

Symptoms of identity concerns

When struggling with issues of identity this can create feelings of anxiety, despair, isolation and conflict.  Conflict may arise not only with others around you but within yourself as well.  Who we are and who we identify as has a profound effect on how we perceive ourselves within the world.  If we are feeling lost amongst this then we can find that this can have a knock on effect on other areas of our lives.  For example, our relationships, our family and friend groups, our self worth and self esteem, to name but a few.

We may feel that we are having to live a life that is not what we really want, there may  be pressure to conform to what we perceive as societal norms and values.

Finding yourself in an identity crisis can involve contemplating certain questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What are my values and how do these match the values I  have been bought up with?

Identity concerns can arise at any time throughout life and as a result of many experiences that we have.  They may occur as we approach a period of change.

Difficulties with identity can lead onto other mental health concerns if not addressed and talked about.  Accessing support groups local to you is a good way of reaching out to others who may be experiencing similar concerns to you.  There may be online support that you are able to find and reach out to.

How can counselling help?

Therapy can be useful in helping to explore your identity concerns in a non judgemental environment.  Exploring who you think you are and how this may differ from what others think of you.  Exploration of your self worth and self esteem can prove useful in supporting you to feel connected to your identity.

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