The impact of Covid 19 and the subsequent lockdowns that the Country has found itself in has had a profound impact on the mental health and wellbeing of our population. Overnight, normal routines were disrupted and many found themselves trapped in environments where their needs were not being met. The disruption to work routines, education routines, support networks, the ability to meet with friends and family and all other disruptions to day to day life have created a significant increase in mental health issues.

With the resumption of normal life, many people are having to find their way in a somewhat uncertain world. Social anxiety is high, Covid anxiety is high not to mention other Mental Health conditions that have not been supported as a result of the stretched services within the locality.

Now more than ever, mental health support is vital to enable people to process the consequences of the pandemic, as they move forward into the next stages of their lives and ensure that the legacy of this pandemic does not leave lasting scars.

Symptoms of the impact of Covid 19

It is important to monitor how you feel day by day and seek appropriate help should you find you are struggling to manage.
You may be feeling some of the following as a result of the pandemic...

How can counselling help?

Reaching out to local support networks can be a great way to meet with others who are experiencing similar concerns. Taking the time to exercise or rest may help with any feelings of stress or tiredness. Seeking Therapy if you feel you have issues you would like to explore further as a result of your experiences during the pandemic. Logo


On Coronavirus and Wellbeing provides useful tips and techniques for supporting your own wellbeing during this time

Useful Guidance & My COVID-19 Policy

Hand sanitiser is available upon arrival for face to face sessions, along with bottled water. The Willow Pod is deep cleaned on a weekly basis.  Should I develop any symptoms I will lateral flow test prior to seeing any Face to Face or Walk & Talk clients.  I would ask that if you are experiencing symptoms prior to a session, you make contact to discuss further. 

For those with concerns about working Face to Face or via Walk & Talk Therapy, I offer telephone or online sessions as an alternative.

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